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Down, the giants are down (Affrontando i miei giganti)

Karen Marra

God you know everything I do
From far away you understand my thoughts
You see whether I am working or resting
You know all my actions
Where could I go to escape from you
Where could I get away from your presence
The darkness is light for you
I couldn't hide myself from you, Yeahh

You know one day a man came to me
Beginning to boast of his all strength
"Where is your God? I'll destroy you"
But he didn't know God really was with me
"Don't think the Lord will save you o people"
He didn't know the Lord was planning something against him

So I took the letter from the messenger
I placed the letter there in the presence of God
I asked "Please God help us!
So that the nations will know who you are"
Yes, I am a winner
Down the giants are down
Yes, he made me a winner
Yes, the enemies are down
The enemy is down, he can't take me down
Hey hey, I see him weakened on the ground...

Autori: Karen Marra
Edizioni: Stella del Mattino Ed. Musicali