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Only for you

Giuseppe Cascu

Tell me why, oh Lord
You have such, such love for me
Of how I fall into sin
And have never, ever loved
I had a heart, so large, yet so hard
I wasn't sure that I could still live
Tell me why, oh Jesus
You never left me, down and out
I refused You, I said no
And gratefulness, I couldn't show
For all that You have done
You gave me Your own true love
When I was swaying
Out on the edge of death
You were there
When I was out surfing
Those mighty waves of sin
You saved me
Now you know, Lord Jesus
I don't live that way no more
Now I can truly say
Yes to live, is to rejoice
Now I laugh, yes I cry for You
Oh suffer I live for You
I thank You, I worship You
Lord, I'll never, ever, leave You no more