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Come to the table

Evan Schoombie

Take a look at this wonderland
Feel the ocean breeze
Touch the hot white sand
See the clouds and sky the mountain high
This is Africa

Take a look at the people here
There are different men they have different fears
See their children play and hear them say
This is Africa

This is the land where the colours meet
Here is the place of diversity under the sun
Each has a colour and each has a face
And all together they make up this place we call
We call Africa

Take a look at the fear you hide
You're afraid to walk in the streets tonight
So you buy your guns and choose to run
This is Africa

Come man of Africa
What will you give for this land
What will you give from your hearts today
You are breaking your walls around your hearts and homes
Are these the things that you leave your children your legacy

Come to the table, come give your part
Are you willing to listen and see
Another man's heart