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PART 1: "Past Life"
Memories of a past life a long time ago
When letters and numbers were and spread in my mind
Mine the age of the first friend, first toys, first moments
There was not even a smile waiting for me
A caress was stronger than a clap
Kicks and sticks mates of life
Shaking hands should mean trust
But sounded like deceit to me
Loneliness, humiliation, violence, sadness
My ghosts everlasting friends
At night, thank to the dark my eye didn't watch my executioner
Thank night, you gave me dreams different from my reality

PART 2: "Kids don't forget"
Inside of me ghosts of my past
Inside of me memories of the pain
Everything turns around my past life
Everything doesn't let me go on and further
In my present I only see my past
In my present I know I got stuck
Open are my wounds
Kids don't forget
Closed in a box my hope
Kids don't forget
My eyes unique testimonies
Hate! Anger! Revenge!
Are the only way out
Open up my present
Shut down my past
Hate! Anger! Revenge!
Hate! Anger! Revenge!

PART 3: "No more fear"
Then a new mentality, a new nature
You are by my side, friend forever
My decisions are in my hands now
My destiny starts from here, whit you
Don't have to belong to my past
Don't have to get stuck in my present
Open the box of my hope
Closed are my wounds
Memories are still there but pain is over
A new identity will achieve
I can see myself abused but healed now
A new way of thinking
Not afraid to be a husband
Not afraid to be a father
No nore hate, no more fears
I know how to forgive